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Customer Summit 2023

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Date / time: 06/26-28 - 9:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Organizer: Marketing
Person responsible: M. Williams
Venue: Hotel EventInn
Venue contact: Joe Pavlovic
Status: open

Initial planning phase

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Set goals, collect ideas Marketing team 01/30 x documentation
Approve budget Management 02/15 x approved with restrictions
Assemble guest lists Marketing lead mm/dd x guest list
Assemble speakers list Marketing assistant mm/dd x list of speakers (temporary)
Book venue Marketing assistant mm/dd EventInn (like last year)
Select menu Marketing assistant mm/dd vegan options required
Contract suppliers Marketing assistant mm/dd


Target new customers and encourage them to participate. Collaborat with project management during the entire preparation phase. They know our customers and can point to potential speakers.

Before the event

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Set up registration Marketing assistant 05/01
Design and distribution of invitations Marketing assistant 05/01
Communicate arrival and accommodation Marketing assistant 05/01 Bookings with event number are possible starting 04/15
Create materials (print / online) Print designer 05/30 BrightPrint (brochures, agendas, postcards)
Prepare social media campaign Social media team 05/30
Briefing speakers Marketing assistant 06/08 Initial contacts via phone to speakers are important from here on!
Finalize program Marketing lead 06/08 Internal/external procedures have to be finalized by this date
Support participants Marketing assistant from 06/01 Follow-up e-mail to participants; contact potential participants again


Provide some details if necessary.

During the event

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Coordinate catering, equipment, etc. Marketing assistant 06/25 Coordinate catering with hotel. They have catering partners available for all events.
Manage set up Event support 06/25 New equipment for booth will be deliverd by end of May.
Setup registration desk Event support, IT support 06/25
Share wifi and password IT support 06/26-28 IT has to provide 1 support staff at the event location during the entire event.
Support participants Eventsupport 06/26-28 Registration table has to be staffed during the entire event.


The parking situation at the hotel is limited during the event period. The participants need additional support this year.

After the event

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Clean up site Event support, IT support 06/28 Everything must be removed from the hotel on the last day. There is no storage room.
Wrap up venue tasks Marketing assistant 07/05 Confirm wrap up with contact from hotel.
Follow up with participants Marketing assistant 07/05 Send out the standard survey.
Distribute event records (videos, presentations, scripts) Marketing assistant 07/15 Post materials on company website in the event section.
Post-mortem analysis Marketing lead, Management 07/15 Participant feedback, financial analysis, lessons learned, outlook


The results of the final analysis are presented by the marketing management at the following staff meeting.