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Organization Manual

An Organization Manual is a structured summary of all regulations of a company. An organization manual contains, for example, the company goals, work instructions, definitions about the structure and processes in the company, business instructions, organizational instructions, guidelines, sets of rules or instructions for quality management.

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Organization manual in a wiki

A Wiki is the ideal platform to provide and maintain an organisation manual online:

  • The Wiki provides employees and employers with a central point of contact to look up uniform routine processes in their daily work:
    • Employees can use the search function to quickly find all important regulations.
    • The notification system keeps them informed of all new developments.
  • More and more companies are complying with their legal requirements with a wiki. Pharmaceutical companies or banks, for example, must ensure that they have "access at all times to the standardized written processes, regulations, rules and organizational structures" of their company.
  • In addition, they use the Wiki as a knowledge base for knowledge that does not belong in any organization manual.
  • The combination of the wiki's strengths with sophisticated quality assurance reduces the editorial maintenance effort.

Content and structure

There is no fixed structure that can be applied to any company.

Apart from the individuality of each organization manual, the points company development and goals, organizational structure and process organization are usually included.

  • The organizational structure contains the establishment plan, the current staffing, contact directory, organisational guidelines (such as telephone guidelines or signature regulations), an overview of the branch offices, the general terms and conditions and the statutes.
  • The process organisation contains the subitems work instructions, work flow descriptions (such as goods commission, documentation of the execution of work orders at customers), EDP guidelines, data protection guidelines and operating instructions.* Further possible contents of an organisation manual can be attached to the organisation manual or be kept as an independent manual. These include working conditions, hazard prevention, environmental protection regulations and waste disposal regulations.

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