Customer Summit 2023

Date / time: 06/26-28 - 9:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Organizer: Marketing
Person responsible: M. Williams
Venue: Hotel EventInn
Venue contact: Joe Pavlovic
Status: open

Initial planning phase[edit | edit source]

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Set goals, collect ideas Marketing team 01/30 x documentation
Approve budget Management 02/15 x approved with restrictions
Assemble guest lists Marketing lead mm/dd x guest list
Assemble speakers list Marketing assistant mm/dd x list of speakers (temporary)
Book venue Marketing assistant mm/dd EventInn (like last year)
Select menu Marketing assistant mm/dd vegan options required
Contract suppliers Marketing assistant mm/dd

Notes[edit | edit source]

Target new customers and encourage them to participate. Collaborat with project management during the entire preparation phase. They know our customers and can point to potential speakers.

Before the event[edit | edit source]

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Set up registration Marketing assistant 05/01
Design and distribution of invitations Marketing assistant 05/01
Communicate arrival and accommodation Marketing assistant 05/01 Bookings with event number are possible starting 04/15
Create materials (print / online) Print designer 05/30 BrightPrint (brochures, agendas, postcards)
Prepare social media campaign Social media team 05/30
Briefing speakers Marketing assistant 06/08 Initial contacts via phone to speakers are important from here on!
Finalize program Marketing lead 06/08 Internal/external procedures have to be finalized by this date
Support participants Marketing assistant from 06/01 Follow-up e-mail to participants; contact potential participants again

Notes[edit | edit source]

Provide some details if necessary.

During the event[edit | edit source]

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Coordinate catering, equipment, etc. Marketing assistant 06/25 Coordinate catering with hotel. They have catering partners available for all events.
Manage set up Event support 06/25 New equipment for booth will be deliverd by end of May.
Setup registration desk Event support, IT support 06/25
Share wifi and password IT support 06/26-28 IT has to provide 1 support staff at the event location during the entire event.
Support participants Eventsupport 06/26-28 Registration table has to be staffed during the entire event.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The parking situation at the hotel is limited during the event period. The participants need additional support this year.

After the event[edit | edit source]

Task Owner Deadline Started Finished Notes
Clean up site Event support, IT support 06/28 Everything must be removed from the hotel on the last day. There is no storage room.
Wrap up venue tasks Marketing assistant 07/05 Confirm wrap up with contact from hotel.
Follow up with participants Marketing assistant 07/05 Send out the standard survey.
Distribute event records (videos, presentations, scripts) Marketing assistant 07/15 Post materials on company website in the event section.
Post-mortem analysis Marketing lead, Management 07/15 Participant feedback, financial analysis, lessons learned, outlook

Notes[edit | edit source]

The results of the final analysis are presented by the marketing management at the following staff meeting.