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Procurement of materials

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Purpose / goals

Material procurement largely includes purchasing tasks. This includes determining the order quantity, obtaining and comparing offers, placing orders, checking incoming goods and storing the goods.

The purpose of the Procurement process is to structure the purchasing processes and sourcing strategies to ensure that the services and goods we acquire are the result of objective as well as time- and cost-effective decision making.


Manage inventory



Process steps

R=Responsible party; P= Participants in the process
Steps (link to work instruction if exists) Output
Request form submit purchase request employee
assess vendors purchasingemployee
negotiate terms purchasingemployee
create purchase order purchasingemployee
Purchase order receive and inspect the delivered goods receptionist warhouse worker
conduct three-way matching
Invoice approve invoice purchasing employee
Approved Invoice arrange payment accountant
Purchase order, approved invoice close out request purchasing employee

Process diagram

drawio: Process_diagram_for_Procurement_of_materials

Performance indicators

How are the goals measured?


What could go wrong? What are possible sources of error?


What resources are necessary to complete the process?


Systems, software, tools,...

Personnel / Qualifications

What roles are needed to perform this process?

Supporting documents

Which documents are related to this process (policies, guidelines, checklist templates, ...) ?


Any observations or reports that confirm the effectiveness of this process (completed checklists, meeting minutes, interviews, ...).

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