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ChatBot introduction

Author: Robert Dirigl
Reports to: Marketing Team
Report date: 04/10/23
Project: ChatBot
Reporting period / milestone: Q1-2023
Report status: finished

Executive summary

The introduction of a chat bot as marketing/sales support was decided by management in 2022. The evaluation of various possible uses and different ChatBot services has progressed so far that a decision can be made. The following information provides an overview of the findings from the evaluation phase.


Major tasks that have been completed:

Business area Topic Highlights Unexpected project risks Lessons learned
Marketing Marketing/sales decided as the first user of the ChatBot technology
  • Determination of the tasks of the ChatBot
  • Ad Campaign: Planning complete
  • Designs for ChatBot CI: Drafts are available
  • Cost per use varies greatly depending on the bot
  • Inclusion in website: time depends on website provider
  • Good time to enter the AI world
  • Risks rather minimal as costs can be planned incrementally
IT Evaluation of the different providers
  • Shortlisted (xyAI, ChatSale, WinChat)
  • Inclusion in CRM and ERM unclear
  • Absence of admin staff in Q2
  • In general, implementation within 3 months is conceivable
Support Processing and evaluation of chat contacts
  • 3 support staff will be trained accordingly
  • no
  • High motivation in the support team
  • Support team needs a way to "train" the bots

Business review

Assess the impact of the key findings for the reporting period.

Metric Target Previous


Change New target
Number of ChatBot requests per month 4000 - - + 3000 7000
Costs (up to 50000 requests/month) - - - - €400/month
Expected lead generation 150 - - - 400


Based on the performance of the reporting period, the following actions are implemented for the above metrics.

Number of ChatBot requests per month

Responsible Measures
  1. Announcement of the ChatBot across all marketing channels
  2. In the initial quarter: Daily analysis of the chats conducted
  1. Guarantee 100% availability of the bot during the first week (emergency team is ready)

Costs (up to 5000 requests/month)

Responsible Measures
  1. Daily monitoring of user numbers. Informing marketing management when costs are exceeded.

Expected lead generation

Responsible Measures
Thea, Malik
  1. Evaluation of the chat questions that were asked and a graphical report to the marketing management
  2. Ensuring timely processing of all follow-up inquiries

Accompanying Documents

External studies and surveys: