ChatBot introduction

Author: Robert Dirigl
Reports to: Marketing Team
Report date: 04/10/23
Project: ChatBot
Reporting period / milestone: Q1-2023
Report status: finished

Executive summary[edit | edit source]

The introduction of a chat bot as marketing/sales support was decided by management in 2022. The evaluation of various possible uses and different ChatBot services has progressed so far that a decision can be made. The following information provides an overview of the findings from the evaluation phase.

Details[edit | edit source]

Major tasks that have been completed:

Business area Topic Highlights Major obstacles

unexpected project risks

Lessons learned
Marketing Marketing/sales decided as the first user of the ChatBot technology
  • Determination of the tasks of the ChatBot
  • Ad Campaign: Planning complete
  • Designs for ChatBot CI: Drafts are available
  • Cost per use varies greatly depending on the bot
  • Inclusion in website: time depends on website provider
  • Good time to enter the AI world
  • Risks rather minimal as costs can be planned incrementally
IT Evaluation of the different providers
  • Shortlisted (xyAI, ChatSale, WinChat)
  • Inclusion in CRM and ERM unclear
  • Absence of admin staff in Q2
  • In general, implementation within 3 months is conceivable
Support Processing and evaluation of chat contacts
  • 3 support staff will be trained accordingly
  • no
  • High motivation in the support team
  • Support team needs a way to "train" the bots

Business review[edit | edit source]

Assess the impact of the key findings for the reporting period.

Metric Target Previous


Change New target
Number of ChatBot requests per month 4000 - - + 3000 7000
Costs (up to 50000 requests/month) - - - - €400/month
Expected lead generation 150 - - - 400

Measures[edit | edit source]

Based on the performance of the reporting period, the following actions are implemented for the above metrics.

Number of ChatBot requests per month[edit | edit source]

Responsible Measures
  1. Announcement of the ChatBot across all marketing channels
  2. In the initial quarter: Daily analysis of the chats conducted
  1. Guarantee 100% availability of the bot during the first week (emergency team is ready)

Costs (up to 5000 requests/month)[edit | edit source]

Responsible Measures
  1. Daily monitoring of user numbers. Informing marketing management when costs are exceeded.

Expected lead generation[edit | edit source]

Responsible Measures
Thea, Malik
  1. Evaluation of the chat questions that were asked and a graphical report to the marketing management
  2. Ensuring timely processing of all follow-up inquiries

Accompanying Documents[edit | edit source]

External studies and surveys: