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        {| class="float-right wikitable infobox" style="width: 400px; float: right; clear: right; overflow: auto;"
        ! style="text-align: center; background-color:#ccccff;" colspan="2" |<span style="font-size: larger;">{{PAGENAME}}</span>
        ! Level
        | [[QM Company level::{{{Level|}}}]]
        ! Owner
        | [[QM Role owner::{{{Role owner|}}}]]
        ! Deputy
        | [[QM Role deputy::{{{Role deputy|}}}]]
<!--{{#set:QM Company level={{{level|}}}
            |QM Role owner={{{Role owner|}}}
            |QM Role deputy={{{Role deputy|}}}

        [[Category:QM Role]]

        {{{Short descriptionDescription|}}}
Line 22: Line 22:
[[Category:QM Role]]
[[Category:QM Role]]
{{{Short description|}}}
{{{Short Description|}}}