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Tables[edit | edit source]


Tables have practical filter and sort options. For filtering and sorting, users can click on the respective header of a column in view mode. This function is not available in edit mode. Example of a filterable table:

Function Value
Filterable table functioning
Category check n/a
Sortable table functioning

Diagrams / Infographics[edit | edit source]


Flow charts, organizational charts, process maps, BPMN diagrams and more. Here is an example of an infographic created with the integrated drawio tool:
drawio: Sandkasten-11346612

Videos[edit | edit source]


Video is of course also possible. Regardless of whether it is stored directly in the wiki or whether it runs on a common video service. Here is a test video uploaded to this wiki:

Page lists[edit | edit source]


With the integrated Smartlist extension, page lists can be easily created.

Inputbox[edit | edit source]

pages/Inputbox Inputbox

Input boxes are practical tools for directing new pages to specific namespaces (wiki areas). A page that you create here is saved in the IMS namespace:

Code documentation[edit | edit source]


Code can be clearly displayed using the included extension SyntaxHighlight:
2echo "Hello world!";

RSS-Feed[edit | edit source]


Here is a feed from Bluespice.com. Can be formatted with or without a description.
Categories, document types and namespaces
In the fourth part, we bring structure to the company and assign departments and document types to the appropriate categories and namespaces. This approach is flexible and adaptable.
Der Beitra...
BlueSpice 2022-12-09 09:47:00
Structuring heterogeneous content
Part three of our series explains how to bring structure to your data. To do this, content must be aligned with the technical realities.
Der Beitrag <a rel="nofollow" href="ht...
BlueSpice 2022-12-02 08:21:27
Definition of a knowledge base and the role of wikis
The second part of our series on knowledge bases explains what constitutes a knowledge base and describes why wikis play a major role in this.
Der Beitrag <a rel="nofollow" href=&q...
BlueSpice 2022-11-25 10:41:07
How to structure a knowledge base
The start of our article series: How should a company structure its valuable internal and external information? Where should it store it? Who checks that the information is up-to-date? Who takes ca...
BlueSpice 2022-11-22 09:36:24

Emoticons[edit | edit source]


Because they're still fun. Smileys are on board.

Hello emoticon-smile

CountThings[edit | edit source]


Category tree[edit | edit source]


The category tree shows the category hierarchy - sometimes with, sometimes without the associated pages. Whatever you want ...

Tag cloud[edit | edit source]

Tag Cloud Which category is growing the fastest? With a TagCloud, I can see it at first sight.

Widgets[edit | edit source]

Widgets Iframes, google calendar, weather forecast and more. Or develop your own widgets.