MG Laser Consult

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Headquarters Regensburg Contact since 2010 Status
Partnership no Partner Account Manager Doe, John Technical Contact Schreiber,Horst
  1. MG Laser Consult/MGL (Contract Type: Subscription)
no minutes available

Initial requirements


Create a new installation profile.

Links to the internal test system located at Hallo Welt!:

Project history

Year Milestone Contact
2022/02 Upgrade to BlueSpice 4 Maria Prüfling
2014/03 Custom: Mandatory categorisation John Doe
2012/08 BlueSpice pro self support (installation by customer) Maria Prüfling

Technical notes for maintenance and support

  • External access:
  • Internal deployment notes:
  • Special procedures (e.g. maintenance cycles, cooperation partners, handling the stage system...)

Marketing and Sales

  • Special contractual provisions (maintenance, framework contract):
  • Logo use:
  • Usable screenshots (link):

Other notes and experiences