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Executive Manager

Role owner: Janusz Čaplo
Role description: The management represents the company in and out of court.


List of individual responsibilities that are assigned to this role within the organization.

Topic Responsibilities
Legal transactions and insolvency
  • Timely registration of a bankruptcy
Convening of and participation in shareholders' meetings
  • Preparation of the financial statements
  • Collection of information on all relevant and economic circumstances
Taxes and accounting
  • Submit monthly income tax and VAT advance filing
  • Ensure and monitor proper bookkeeping and accounting
Social security
  • Make sure that the company complies with their obligations to the social security institutions
  • Registration of employees at the professional association


  1. Personnel authorization
  2. Granting of power of attorney

Deputy manager

If the executive manager is unavailable to assume these responsibilities, a deputy manager is appointed. The exact process is set out in the articles of association.

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