Upgrade to BlueSpice 3

Here you will find all important information about the upgrade from BlueSpice 2 to BlueSpice 3.

Can I get the new version with my subscription?

Subscription customers receive the new version without having to change the contract.

How much effort will I have to put in?

That depends on how much your system is customized. We will check this in advance and will be happy to advise you. Simply send us an e-mail to support@hallowelt.com.

What happens during the upgrade?

  • First, it is checked whether customer-specific adaptations and extensions must be updated for the new version and whether the target environment (server etc.) fits.
  • Then you will receive a cost and effort estimate.
  • Subscription customers can use remaining support hours they still have.
  • As soon as we receive a "go", the new BlueSpice 3 will be installed parallel to your system.
  • The necessary adjustments follow (e.g. branding).
  • Then we import (migrate) the existing data from the running production system as a test.
  • The system has to be tested.
  • After acceptance of the system, the old system is set to "Read only". From now on, no more changes can be made to the contents.
  • The content is migrated to the new BlueSpice 3. The web address is converted to the new system. All this usually happens in a few hours.
  • The new system is now "open" and the old system is switched off in the background.

What are the next steps?

For more information or to request an upgrade, send an email to support@hallowelt.com or create a ticket entitled "Upgrade to BlueSpice 3".

When is the change worthwhile?

BlueSpice development is now focused on version 3 and patches are still being developed for BlueSpice 2. However, support for version 2 will end on April 18, 2020, so it is advisable to consider upgrading in the course of next year.