Data Analysis

Working with forms and metadata: The numerous "semantic" functions in BlueSpice pro are a unique characteristic. Individual pages (articles) can be equipped with metadata. For example, you can assign a responsible department and the standard to be fulfilled to a process description. This data can then be queried and evaluated.

BlueSpice makes this metadata available and easy for users to use via forms. With BlueSpice 3 the search is extended, so that now also semantic data can be filtered. You can already see the filterable semantic elements, for example, if you are looking for the ISO 9001 standard. And then open the filter function in the search results in the search center and select "Semantic Properties".

Here you will also find a few links to trial pages that use semantic evaluation functions.

Some trial pages

  • List of QM documents. Automatically generated list. This can of course be customized. And you can create a new quality management page.
  • Find competencies, Multiple queries via selection fields; e.g. ask for all people responsible for "Marketing" in "Regensburg".