Content structuring

Techniques for organizing knowledge: MediaWiki offers a variety of ways to organize the content of knowledge. BlueSpice not only provides these functions, but also makes them easier to use for the normal user.

There are systems to organize the single page (page templates, table of contents), and cross-page order systems. Lets have a short look at the cross-page order techniques:

What this technique does When this technique is used Example
Subpages Two pages are put into a parent-child relationship. The subpage is attached to the parent page with a slash. Subpages provide space for background information and partial aspects of a topic. Sometimes subpages are used for translations of an article. This page "Content structuring" is a subpage of "Test functions".
Namespaces Pages are bundled in their own address space. All pages in this address space can be equipped with their own group rights or functions. If you need rooms for separate text types (e.g. minutes) or read-only content (e.g. manuals). Staff handbook: all pages of this book are put in a namespace "staff" (see the URI).
Categories With categories pages get a keywording. These keywords can be arranged hierarchically. Browsing through articles with the same keywords. Get further search filter options for pages. Categories can be found and created in the right navigation bar (see "Page information").
Books Articles can be arranged in chapters. Theses articles can also be exported as books (e.g. as PDF file). Writing and providing manuals at a central place. Click on the book icon in the left main menu.

Notes on testing:

  • Namespaces must be created via the NamespaceManager, which is only accessible for user with admin rights.

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