The way to BlueSpice 3

Date Step
11 July 2018 Internal Beta: Smoke tests to make sure all features are present and working in principle.
19 July 2018 First Beta Release: "Publish early." We take this principle into account in order to adapt developments to the needs and suggestions of users as early as possible. Therefore, in the first beta version we have compiled the complete technical scope and thus also the most important innovations of BlueSpice 3 in order to gain initial experience and discuss concepts.
26 July 2018 Second Beta Release: Debugging and design
31 July and 2 August 2018 Webinars
continuously Intermediate Beta Releases: The platform will be updated on an irregular schedule, at least once a week, to include the newest bugfixes and design updates.
20 August 2018 Final Bug Reports: Bug reporting closes at this point to give us time to finalize the release.
17 October 2018 Stable Release 3.0