2.2. User guide

The Quality management handbook is the highest quality document of the organisation.

The outlined company policy is to be met in every aspect of your daily work life.

The demands made in the documents can only be met when all employees cooperate. Only when every employee does his or her part, we can reach our goals.

Due to our broad spectrum of parts, custom-made products, and the various requirements of our customers, but also to preserve our flexibility, you may deviate from the regulations of this handbook in exceptional cases.

All QM-documents are owned by the company. You may not copy or pass on any of them without explicit permission of the QMR or CM.

Author: Klug, Annett
Created: 2016/01/18
Reviewer: Keuner, Emma
Reviewed: 2017/02/08
Approved by: Schreiber, Jochen
Approval: 2017/06/23
Responsible: Schreiber, Karl Heinz
Area: ISO 9001:2008 4.1
Retention period: AAuf