2.1. Scope

Responsibility The creation and maintenance of this handbook lies within the responsibility of the Quality Management Representative (QMR). The publication of the handbook is carried out by company management (CM).
Scope of

This Quality management handbook was created as basis for action for all employees.
It is to be used for all products and processes of the company.

Change Management

The Quality management handbook at hand is subject to change management.
It will be approved once by management and will then be deposited with the responsible QMR.
The newest version of the handboook is available on the central server. Excerpts from the handbook are also subject to change management.

Author: Keuner, Emma
Created: 2016/01/08
Reviewer: Klug, Annett
Reviewed: 2016/01/09
Approved by: Oppermann, Sissy
Approval: 2016/01/09
Responsible: Schreiber, Jochen
Area: ISO 9001:2008 4.1
Retention period: AAuf