3.1. Preparing an offer


Upon receiving a request, first a distinction is made as to whether the request relates to the creation of a software system, or if it's a different request. Depending on the requirements of the customer, we have to make sure prior to signing the contract, that

  • all legal regulations are met
  • quality requirements of the customer are understood and can be met
  • offer and contract correspond to each other
  • the order can be processed on time
  • the economical benefit of the organisation is guaranteed.

The process of the contract review explained here is described in detail in the standard method handbook.


The contract in question has to be formulated by a shareholder and authorized by another shareholder prior to delivery to the customer. The contract draft may only be sent to the customer after this approval. All further changes require a new authorization.

The assessment of the documents includes especially the comparison of the contract wording with the bidding documents. Futhermore, the documents are checked for the complete coverage of customer requirements, as well as the feasibility of the set goals.

Depending on the scope of the upcoming order the approval may take place verbal or has to be done in writing. The limit for the written approval is reached when the total expenditure surpasses 10 man-days. Changed documents have to be re-approved. This approval is documented within the company.


The operations of the contract review are recorded in the form contract review. Depending on the type of request the requirements of the customer are recorded and submitted to them for cross-checking . The documents of the contract review are subject to the documentation requirements under Section Control of quality records, and are collected job- or contract-related in the customer tray.

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