1. Introduction

Quality assurance is a rigorous, systematic, objective, impartial, expert-based examination, evaluation and self-evaluation of how effectively a company or organisation is working, as part of the ongoing pursuit of higher levels of achievement and quality in the company, for action planning and continuous improvement.

Quality here is defined as excellence, reliability and consistency fitness for purpose, fitness of purpose, conformance to specifications, meeting objectives, meeting stakeholders'needs and requirements. Quality enhancement is the act of taking planned steps to bring about continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning experiences of staff members.

Author: Bonny, Anne
Created: 2016/02/22
Reviewer: Keuner, Emma
Reviewed: 2016/02/23
Approved by: Schreiber, Karl Heinz
Approval: 2016/03/03
Responsible: Klug, Annett
Area: ISO 9001:2008 4.1
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