2. Goals and basics

The most important knowledge within an organisation are its organisational processes. These are examined with the help of Quality management. A main part of quality management systems is the standardisation of processes, to reach a goal with this defined quality. This standardisation can be achieved by documentation, realisation, retention, and constant improvement.

The use of a wiki

For realisation and retention, a wiki can only be of passive help, by providing exhaustive, up-to-date and understandable documentation.

How should you proceed when introducing a quality management system

  1. Introduction start by decision of the company management
  2. Nomination of a QM Representative
  3. External advisor: yes or no? If yes, contact advisor and obtain information on possible funding
  4. Preparation of a project timeline with milestones
  5. Early information and involvement of employees
  6. Construction of a quality policy with quality goals
  7. Analysis and definition of processes
  8. Definition of interfaces between processes
  9. Definition of responsibilities
  10. Definition of the type of documentation, creation of work instructions
  11. Creation of a QM handbook
  12. Introduction and qualifiation of employees
  13. Internal audits
  14. Certification
  15. Decision on a certifier
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