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5.1. Procedural instructions for official vehicles

Procedural instructions for the use of official vehicles

This procedural instruction regulates the use of official vehicles that can be used by employees in the context of external sales activities and on-call duty.

These procedural instructions enter into force on 1 January 2019 and apply throughout the company.


Business trips

In order to shorten the travel distances and to save time, the business trips required within the scope of field service activities must in principle be started and ended from the employee's place of residence. For this reason, company vehicles are taken to the employee's place of residence and are available there for business trips within the scope of the employment contract.

Employment for on-call duty

In order to ensure on-call duty, the assigned employees must keep their equipped emergency vehicles at their disposal at all times during on-call duty. During on-call duty, private journeys with the emergency vehicles are permitted and free of charge. The transport of third parties is permitted during this time.


All journeys shall be documented in detail in the logbook with details of the driver, start and end of the business trip or standby trip, mileage, place and purpose of the business trip.

Other applicable documents

  • Emergency manual
  • Occupational health and safety manual