Knowledge Management

Find knowledge quickly and keep it centrally up-to-date. Here you see a short overview of the possibilities BlueSpice offers you when creating and editing articles:

Find knowledge fast and easy

Search for titles and content in articles and file attachments. Refine your search with facettes.

Where can I try this?

You can find the extended search here: Special:ExtendedSearch

Create new articles without effort

Use either the well-known WikiText editor or the comfortable visual editor to create new articles. Use content and page templates to keep a unified look within your wiki

Where can I try this?

Test the different editors and their features in the Sandbox. While in edit mode, you can switch easily between the two editors by clicking on the first icon in the editor navigation bar.
You can find a list of all available templates in your wiki here: Special:Templates.

Stay up-to-date!

Put important article on your personal watchlist, and get notified of any changes. Use the function Recent changes to easily find newly created pages.

Where can I try this?

Add a page to your personal watchlist by clicking on the star-icon over the article.
New developments in the wiki can be found on the page Special:RecentChanges

Structure your knowledge

Create subpages to articles to structure content or combine associated topics. You can also bundle pages with similar topics by using the expandable hierarchical category system.

Where can I try this?

You can find an example for a subpage in the Sandbox. Click on Subpages in the article header to get the respective link.
A list of current categories can be found on Special:Categories. You can assign categories to articles during edit mode via the Insert category button.

Rich text options for additional content

Expand your articles by using graphics and videos, insert complex mathematical formula and flow charts, and add interactive elements like checklists or drop-down menus.

Where can I try this?

Lunchtime Talk is an interactive wiki page with checklists and drop-down menus.
On the page Moving IT employees you can view and edit a complex flow chart.