1. Edit articles

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Every existing wiki article should be editable. To do so, just switch into edit mode, change the content of the article, and save it. Done! Furthermore, there are some optional features that will facilitate your work in the wiki.


To change an article, you have to switch into edit mode. There are two ways to do so:

1. Via the link Edit in the top right corner of every screen you can edit the article you're just reading. After clicking a text field will appear with the whole content of the page in so-called wiki-syntax (normal text with formatting tags).

2. Even simpler is using the edit links to the right of every headline. With these you can edit individual sections of an article. This saves time looking for the relevant entry in the text field, and you can enter the changes directly.

Above the editing window a toolbar offers multiple buttons with the most used wiki-syntax commands.

Summary, minor edits, preview and save

Before saving, you can enter a short summary of your changes in the field Summary. This helps to understand the changes in the version history. With the button Show preview you can make sure that your changes look like they are supposed to.

Corrections of spelling of formatting changes are normally marked as minor edit. Rechtschreibkorrekturen oder Formatierungsänderungen werden meistens als kleine Änderung markiert. The recent changes mark such changes with the letter M („minor edit“).

Watch this page adds the page to your personal watch list.

The button Save page saves your changes.

Editing conflicts

If you try to save a page another person just changed, the system will report an editing conflict. You will then be shown two text windows with the differences. The lower window is your version, the upper window the other version. You can now transfer your changes from the lower window to the upper window and save again.

Protected pages

Some pages may be protected and can only be edited by the administrators. Instead of Edit you will find the link View Source. The reason for protecting a page is normally an edit-war, where users cannot decide on the correct version of an article. This can normally be seen in the version history of a page. When the war seems to be over, you can ask the administrator to unlock the page again.