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Insert logo

This small customization of the interface gives the wiki an instant custom look.

Upload your logo to the wiki. This can easily be done via the Special page for uploading files.

Please note that the display area for the logo is 285 x 65 px. The logo should, therefore, also have these dimensions to look good.

In the extended file list you can find your newly uploaded image. The image title takes you to the file page of your logo. Here you need the upload path of the picture. Simply click on the image preview - the file opens in full screen mode - and now copy the path from your browser, but without the main URL. Using the screenshot below, this would be: /nsfr_img_auth.php/a/ab/BlueSpice_Logo.png


You can now save the logo path in the Config Manager of the administrative area of the Navigation and thus integrate the logo. Under "Skinning" you will find the input field for the image path. Once you've backed up and saved everything, you may need to refresh with Ctrl + F5 or "Reload" in the tools menu to see the logo.


In the Config Manager you will also find many other interesting settings for the wiki. Just click through!

Customize the favicon

Inserting a favicon works exactly like inserting the logo. The dimensions are not decisive here. The image is scaled to the appropriate size. You enter the path in the config manager under "Skinning" and there "Favicon path".

Of course, other design adjustments are possible, but CSS knowledge is required. You can find out how to do that in our helpdesk article on Design.

Helpful links in our BlueSpice Helpdesk