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Customize navigation

About the default navigation

We have already put links to helpful topics in the navigation. However, you can adapt them to your requirements at any time and thus make it easier for other testers to get into the topics of the trial system.

Prerequisite: Permissions

The basic requirement for this is that you have administrative rights. Basic users cannot change the navigation.

Adjusting the main navigation

At the bottom of the navigation entries, the "Edit sidebar" link appears when hovering over the area. Clicking on it leads you directly to the page MediaWiki:Sidebar, where the contents of the navigation are stored in WikiCode. The syntax looks like this:

  • * -> menu header
  • ** -> navigation menu item
  • | -> separator between the page name and the alternative display text


The page "Audits" in the namespace "QM" should be displayed in the navigation as "Overview of all audits". The entry as wiki code looks like this: ** QM:Audits|Overview of all audits

Personal navigation

The personal navigation - also called "My pages" or focus - can be adjusted individually by each user, because this navigation is visible only to them. It can be called up by clicking on the tab with the clipboard symbol. To customize your own focus navigation, just follow the description above to customize the main navigation.

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