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Admin area - administration and maintenance

About the admin area


For all administrative tasks, the navigation has its own tab. It allows access to the most important pages for the administration and maintenance of the wiki. The tab is only visible to users with appropriate permissions.

Depending on the user role, different links are shown. The maintainer, for example, has Access to the admin navigation, but can only see certain special pages there. The list is, therefore, not as complete as in the screenshot.

Global actions

Here you find helpful pages for the maintenance of the wiki. Maintainers can jump to reports pages (about ratings or watchlists, for example), view all files, or access statistical Information about the wiki.

Just take a look around, especially with regards to Special pages. You will find a lot of interesting information!


This area is the playground of wiki administrators. In the Administration area, you should know what you are doing, because changes can affect the system and its users. For example, in the user and the rights Management, you create additional users. You can assign them to groups and thus provide them with appropriate authorizations. For more information, read the article "create and assign users" In the configuration management, you change Settings that apply globally to the entire wiki.

Here you can also:

  • see who has accepted the privacy policy
  • manage links to other wikis
  • add, delete and organize categories
  • create design and layout specifications for individual namespaces
  • create, configure and administer the namespaces
  • get an overview of information relevant to quality management
  • implement page templates
  • manage assignments and reading confirmations

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