2. Change article title

With HideTitle you can suppress or overwrite the article title.

Features of HideTitle

Overwrite article title

The MagicWord Displaytitle can change or overwrite article titles. This is especially interesting in terms of case sensitivity, as MediaWiki always changes article names to have a capital letter at the beginning.

Example: To correct the display of the article IPod, add {{DISPLAYTITLE:iPod}} at the beginning of the page.

Further information on MediaWiki.org.

Suppress article title

To hide the article title, use the BlueSpice function __HIDETITLE__. Just enter this behavior switch at the beginning of an article and save, and the title will be suppressed.

Working hints

Especially on the main page, this feature is extremely important. Normally, you don't want to see "Main page", but rather noting or maybe a welcome.