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BlueSpice is a free Open Source Enterprise Wiki. It is based on the wikipedia software MediaWiki and expands it by multiple functions in the areas quality management, process support, administration, editing, and security. The software is programmed in PHP and is executable on Windows and Linux.

BlueSpice is available in two versions. fsdgfdsgffghfgh

BlueSpice free

BlueSpice free is a free MediaWiki distribution, free of charge and specially attuned to companies and organizations. Multiple extensions and functions support the daily work in the areas

  • Professional text editing
  • Process support
  • Quality management
  • Administration
  • Communication and collaboration

BlueSpice pro

BlueSpice pro is the extended subscription alternative of BlueSpice free and contains additional extension for professional use in your company. Included are also services that ensure the use and operation of the wiki.

Included packages

  • Bookmaker
  • Teamwork
  • PasteImage
  • VisualDiff
  • WikiExplorer
  • Reminder
  • SemanticData
  • ServiceCenter

Additional packages in the repository

Packages from the repository will only be deployed on demand, as they affect the standard functions of the Wiki:

  • GuidedEditing
  • RatedComments

Included services

  • 12h product support with BlueSpice pro Standard, unlimited support with BlueSpice pro Premium
  • Patches and updates
  • Expansion of scope of operation
  • Special hourly support rates for maintenance customers

BlueSpice Community

BlueSpice is an Open Source project, and we appreciate any kind of participation in this project. Use the following channels to stay up-to-date, and to give us feedback:

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