4. Backup and recovery

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With the versioning of an article, the wiki itself offers very good protection against accidental deletion of content. However, like with every software system it is mandatory to generate a regular data backup on a separate system, to be able to re-create content in case of an emergency.

Data and full backup

We differentiate between a pure backup of users' articles and settings (dynamic data) and a full backup of the system. In case of a data backup, you have to secure the following:

  • Database
  • Directory WIKI/images, where you have to exchange WIKI by the path of your wiki.

For a full backup, you have to secure

  • Database
  • Directory WIKI

For a full backup, you have to make sure that access rights to single files and directories stay intact.

We always recommend a full backup. This ensures that configuration and database match. The amount of data in BlueSpice is approximately 100 MB, but may deviate with wikis containing many documents or extensions.

We recommend a daily full backup (or at least a backup of the dynamic data).


In case of a data recovery delete the contents from the existing database and import the backup content. Also delete the data of existing directories (if there is an existing backup) and replace them with the secured data.

After a recovery you should start a new indexing of the search and do a complete system check.

Safety scripts

In general, during installation safety scripts are created, that may be configured to your likes. In this case we recommend that you use these scripts.