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Testing BlueSpice Features

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Please visit the following demo pages for our BlueSpice features

Your topic What can I test?

Working with the high-end search engine ElasticSearch

  • Search in file attachments: Search e.g. for "forklift" or "holiday"
  • Search in other Wikis: Search e.g. for "BlueSpice"

Find your way in the Wiki

Skin and mobile view

Working with all end devices

  • Change the window width of your browser
  • Access the wiki via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)

Comment, discuss and blog

Content structure

Techniques for site-wide organization of content


The enhanced VisualEditor of Wikipedia

  • Try it on a this page: Sandbox
  • Discover funtions like Insert link, Insert Media, Insert Table, Display Title, Redirect, Find & Replace, Insert Magic
  • Insert template, e.g. template "hint"
Rich articles

Enhance pages with dynamic functions

Daten und Analyse

Find out more about the possibilities of semantics

Quality assurance

How to control the quality of an article:

Book functionalityCombining articles into books
Document management

What happens in the wiki


Simplify the life of your administrators


User page, personal menu and settings

  • User page: Example 1
  • User menu (UserSidebar) see global navigation
Multilingual wiki


Contents beeyond the wiki

Searching in file attachments search tag search in categories and namespaces

Inputbox Language Link Video Player PDF Export Category Tree Tag Cloud TagSearch Magicwords Syntax Highlighting Parser functions Checklist Who is online Widgets Categories for files File Versioning ggf. Files in Namensräumen Authors Readers Versionierung VisualDiff Watchlist Smartlist Talkpages Microblog Review Review overview Draft mode PageAssignments Reminder WikiExplorer Single page report PagesVisited

Topbar navigation

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